Feb 2, 2011

Getting Started !!!

With the new looks and new features, ONLINE TRAINING FOR CALLIGRAPHY is going to be introduced soon . All works for this online training is on process .. Keep in touch  to know more details.

Nov 20, 2010

Student ESSAY/CONTENT writing competion

                                                  **CLOSED **
This competition is for everyone who are creative in writing and want to share their experience. Just click on the "COMPETITION" tab in this site and you'll get to know all the information about the competition.

Everyone are  WELCOME.... NO age bar !!!!

Oct 31, 2010

StudioJaaz(Beta) Logo

StudioJaaz(beta) Official Logo.
This is the Calligraphy font. called "Old english". Perfection and patience is the best way to do this writings. This looks pretty tough, but with the required practise and perfect teaching can bring this under your pen.....
 This is what, Calligraphy writing is. And, we in       StudioJazz  teach you the simple ways to write CALLIGRAPHY.

So, why join us and change your handwriting to a really amazing script writing.