About us

                                      StudioJazz -Center for Calligraphy

As in now, everyone wishes to have a good handwriting, to write their projects, letters,etc... A good handwriting , never has a good background. Practising of writing , makes our thoughts powerful.
So, inorder to Through your knowledge and your thought power, you need to develop a good handwriting.
 Here is what , everyone wants to learn ..... Calligraphy.

Defined as the art of Beautiful and clear writing. Calligraphic words has an eye of attratction to each and everyone.

This is the place where you can learn Calligraphy, and improve your handwriting from a normal to an extraordinary script writing.  A work of art which is hand-made always has a wonderful appreciation everywhere.

The name,"StudioJaaz", has the meaning related to one form of work of art-"Dance". A wonderful Jazz dance, has a perfect and stylish moves involved in it. Likewise, here in the place of "StudioJaaz"  , we teach you learn Calligraphy, through various simple stylish and perfect stokes and moves with your hands.

So, come join with us, and experience the fun of writing with Calligraphy.......                                                                      EXPECTED TO START IN THE MARCH OF 2011 !!

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