In StudioJazz, we bring out the hidden talents of the students.... So, while we keep teaching Calligraphy, we also conduct competitions for not just Calligraphy, Paintings too ...
 We appreciate your works of art, and also teach you to improve n your works...

                                                     STAY CONNECTED !!

If you think you have a hidden talent, or you wanna get critics on your works of art or need some help regarding how you can improve on your talents like , painting, sketching,etc... Feel free to contact us through mail .
Mail your queries to 

Make sure you mail us your name, phone no., email id and your featured talent.

the ABSTRACT week

Back on the work, we are conducting a Competition where you can send in your abstract art works and win prizes... This competitions will go on for a week .
Come on and show off your talents.....

* All works must be your own creative works. Not to be copied from other sources.
*Can be any size and any medium.
*You can send upto 3 entries.
*Send all your works to with the Subject- "abstract week"

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