Authors note

In this world so new and fast, no one has got no enough time to cook food and eat. We turn towards the ready made one. So, in this prevailing situation, everyone prefers to use fonts that'll look interesting in their computer by default.
How many of us really take in effort to do something unique that shows you differently from others ?
Learning Calligraphy , makes you unique. Gives you confidence for a good presentation , and also the basic and clear idea of executing your imagination.
Hand work or human effort is always paid great attention, when compared to a machine work.
Using calligraphy with your imaginative idea brings you great appreciation .

Many still dont know , what Calligraphy writing is? Some know, what is Calligraphy by meaning, and dont  know exactly what kind of writing it is?
This is the situation now.

This page, is exclusively for the development of a Calligraphers team in Chennai. So, come join us, and become a member too!!!

-Center for Calligraphy 

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